Nathan Cope,
Web developer

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It may sound like a daunting task due to either financial constraints or timing issues but a website redesign can be a great investment for your business.  Your website is your primary online presence and needs to truly reflect your trade or profession.

1. Keep it on trend

Modern trends and technologies are always changing and the web is no different! If your website looks tired and dated the chances are your potential clients will be thinking the same about you!

When people land on your website you have 3 seconds for them to make up their minds about your business; a dated website will give them the wrong impression!

2. Improving the user experience

Having a smooth and seamless user experience on your website can be the difference between visitors being able to find what they need or getting lost and confused – this will then lead to them exiting the site and probably not coming back!

Clear navigation and calls to action are always a big part of our thinking when designing and developing websites!

3. Add new functionality

If you need to add a blog, e-commerce facility (online shop) or any other new functionality to your website, a redesign is pretty much always required. This is so the new functionality flows with the rest of the website and doesn’t look like it’s just been put there.

4. Make it responsive and mobile friendly

A lot has changed in technology over the past decade and the number of mobile and tablet browsers is constantly on the rise!

Today, having a website that doesn’t render correctly on a mobile is a big no no, not just from a user experience point of view but also even down to how Google can favour your site (on mobile searches at least) if you’re mobile friendly.

Making your website mobile friendly is also more than just making the framework scale down, it’s also about optimising pages to load faster by making use of caching, image optimisation and much more!

5. You’re just getting the results you want

No matter how pixel-perfect or beautiful your website may be, if it’s not converting site visitors into customers it’s merely useless web property! The purpose of your website is to grow your customer base and if it’s not doing this it can be a big problem!

Look at your website and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are the calls to action clear or relevant enough?
  • Have you got far too much text or corporate speak present?
  • Does your website speak directly to your target audience and match your business image?
  • Are you experiencing a high bounce rate?

The questions above are just a select few which you need to consider in order to understand whether your website is well fit for purpose.

We’ve covered 5 reasons in this post – we could go on and on with 50 points about this topic (maybe not 50, but you get my drift) but it really comes down to you, if you’re not happy with your website or are even embarrassed about it, a redesign can be the difference to taking your business forward or leaving it all behind.

Contact us today to see how we can help with a redesign of your website!